In frame of Water Harmony project (2011-2014) three harmonized educational modules covering water resources management, drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment have been developed, together with novel teaching tools and materials.

A comprehensive textbook was jointly developed and published in five languages including country specific information and practices. Lecture materials, lab courses, e-learning resources, lab- and teaching infrastructure were strengthened. Ambitious project targets were met via 21 joint project meetings distributed over 78 days at eight universities, involving 58 teachers.

The project provided 75 short-term and 15 medium term student fellowships, wherein students have experienced international research and educational environment that prepared them to a well-grounded choice of their future.

The interuniversity staff were involved in 29 MSc theses, 21 PhD theses, scientific committees of 13 international conferences and editorial boards of two international publications. The research work of students and staff were published in over 80 conference proceedings and publications and over 30 selected publications are published as proceedings of the Water Harmony Project.

More information about Water Harmony Project You can find in our Report.