photoTechnical University of Moldova (TUM) is the only higher technical educational institution, accredited by the state in Moldova. Since its founding in 1964 and so far it has trained about 78 387 engineers and economists.

At TUM there are 9 faculties: “Energetics and Electrical Engineering”; “Mechanical Engineering, Industry and Transport”; “Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics”; “Engineering and Management in Electronics and Telecommunications” “Technology and Management in Food Industry”; “Light industry”; “Cadastre, Geodesy and Construction”; “Urbanism and Architecture”; “Economic Engineering and Business”.

The training of the 9520 students who study here is ensured by about 733 teachers, two thirds having a  science degree as “Academician”, “Professor”, “Associate Professor”, “PhD”, “Doctor in Science. ”
The University offers courses in 64 specialties and specializations, 62 specialties and 63 master specialties PhD, of the national economy in preparing engineers.

TUM, organized under the European system of transferable academic credits (ECTS), facilitates mobility of students and young professionals in the European area with diplomas.

In order to meet the marketplace challenges the concept of engineers preparation has changed by adding some new subjects regarding engineering speciality and others concerning economical management field of study.  Thus, it implies learning wide-spread foreign languages like English, French and German. Economical-management subjects will help the future engineers to start his own business. Among the 60 thousand businessmen in Moldova are TUM graduates.

There are branches at TUM which have special groups of students who are taught all the engineering subjects in a foreign language. At the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics there is a French branch «Informatics» and English branch «Computers and Electronic Science». At the Faculty of Engineering and Food Industry Management there is a French branch «Food Technologies». Students who study at these branches have language and speciality courses in the USA, France, Canada, Germany, etc. Many of them prepare their Bachelor Paper, others continue their studies for the Master’s or Doctorate’s Degree.

TUM students have practical lessons at rural companies (either state companies or private ones) which have constracts with TUM based on reciprocal interests. Every year hundreds of students have practical lessons abroad in countries which have close scientific and didactic links. These are Romania, Russia, the Ukraine, France, Italy, Germany, the USA, Canada, England, Chech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, Slovakia, etc.

A special attention is drawn to scientific researches at TUM which is an essential part of education. Students participate actively in researches which leads to their professional improvement.

As a rule, the university has first places at „Infoinvent” expositions which are annually organized in Republic of Moldova and at international inventions exhibitions. In the last years TUM has had more than 30 gold medals as well as a big amount of silver and bronze medals..

TUM collaborates with more than 75 universities and scientific centres from different countries of the world.

Here conferences and international scientific symposiums are organized.

TUM is a member of Black Sea Region Universities Network, which includes 11 countries of the Regional Economic Cooperation. Thus, TUM represents a university area which will become part of the unique university area of  Europe.

University life includes, of course, other issues like sports, artistic activities, etc. Sport has an important role in the university. Factors, which contribute to the development of sport, improve from year to year: modern stadiums and gyms are built; specialists in the field train students. UTM participates in all the 18 sports events in local students sport competitions and takes the first places.

There are artistic and folk dance clubs at TUM. University Marching Band is the second in the Presidential Fanfare of Moldova.

In conclusion, during the 4-5 years studying at TUM, young people become professionally and socially responsible. TUM graduates succeed in various branches of the national economy, contributing significantly to the development and the completion of the leaders of our state.

Project participants


 Chief Program “Water and Sanitation”,  Department “Heat supply, Water, Gas and Environmental Protection”.

Field of Research: Natural water treatment, purification of used waters with a high degree of organic substances with bioconversion in biogas

Associations:   Member of Technical Committee for construction standards CT-C A.09, within the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction; member Technical-Scientific Council of the Agency “Moldova’s Waters”;  National Expert of UNIDO National Cleaner Production Programme in Republic of Moldova;  Expert of various projects of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Republic of Moldova, for implementation of Water Supply and Sewarage systems : co-operator at the research projects in the field of elaboration of modern technologies for purification of used waters coming from wine-making and agrozootechnical factories in the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. local construction supervisor – Key Expert .

Publications:  Total number of works – 110, including: didactical-methodical materials – 10, inventions – 8, constructions normatives – 2.



Deputy dean of Faculty Urbanism and Architecture, Superior lecturer at Department Heat Supply, Water, Gas and Environmental Protection.  

Teaching: Water system and sewerage, Sustainable development for water supply and sewerage systems, Treatment of drinkable water.

Field of research: modelling, novel technologies for wastewater treatment plant optimization and energy consumption.



ungureanu-dumitru-tum UNGUREANU Dumitru

University Professor at Department Heat Supply, Water, Gas and Environmental Protection, Faculty Urbanism and Architecture

Field of research: Water treatment, wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, environmental management.

Other works:

  •  Member of Romanian Water Association;
  • Member of Romanian Association of Installations Engineers;
  • Member of the editorial boards of “Environment” (Moldova) and “Water: Ecology and Technology” (St. Petersburg);
  • Chairman and member of the Technical Committee standards in building – CT-C-09;
  • Member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Water Agency of Moldova;
  • The owner of the certificate and expert designer of water supply and sewerage systems;
  •  Supervisor of PhD thesis under his direction have already defended 5 PhD students, including 3 in Moldova and 2 in France, one of the candidates for the Jordanian origin. Currently head 2 graduate students;
  • Member of the National Academy of Environmental Sciences of Moldova (Academician);
  • Member of the International Salon of Invention where he received a gold medal (Archimedes, Moscow, EURECAF Brussels, Inventica Poland, Romania, etc .;



Calos Sergiu

Director of Institute of advanced training in Water Supply and Sanitation

Other works

  • Academician of National Academy of Environmental Sciences of Moldova;
  • Member of the administrative and technical council of the Association “Moldova Apă-Canal”;
  • Consultant, member of the Administrative Council. “Apă-Canal Chişinău”;
  • Member State Counsel for certification of experts in specialized work at the Ministry of Regional Development Construction Moldova;
  • The owner of the certificate and expert designer of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Member of the Scientific Council the journal “RomAgua”

Published works: author of three books, two monographs, 26 guidelines, 6 certificates of authorship ,more than 118 scientific articles and over 80 contracts and economic and technical expertise, more than 30 projects for water supply and sanitation


ISAC Elena

Assistant at Department of Supply with Heat, Water, Gas and Environmental Protection

Engineer at Faculty Urbanism and Architecture, Technical University of Moldova.