During the action of the project, the partners of Water Harmony project and their colleagues have jointly written and published the textbook:

Physico-chemical methods of water treatment. Water resources management
Edited by I.M.  Astrelin and H. Ratnaweera

Textbook contains theoretical and practical information, national, regional and international scientific and statistical data. It is addressed to students and postgraduates as well as to practicing water and wastewater professionals. You can view or download sample text of chapters 1.1-1.2.

For more information about the textbook please contact us by e-mail: post@waterh.net

Russian version of the textbook.

ISBN 978-82-999978-0-5

Ukrainian version of the textbook.

ISBN 978-82-999978-3-6

Tadjik version of the textbook.

ISBN 978-82-999978-2-9

Kazakh version of the textbook.

ISBN 978-82-999978-4-3

Belarusian version of the textbook.

ISBN 978-82-999978-5-0

Textbook consists of six chapters: Water in biosphere and human life, Basis of water resources management, Processes and apparatuses of water and wastewater treatment, Typical methods of water treatment, New trends and developments in water and wastewater treatment, Observation, control, modelling and optimization of water and wastewater treatment processes.