new_2013Kyrgyz National University  named after Yusuf Balasaghuni (Kyrgyz: Жусуп Баласагын). It is the oldest higher education institution in the republic. It currently has departments for 54 specializations, with approximately 22,000 students (As of 2010) and 1000 teachers (As of 2007).



Baidinov Turatbek

Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, KNU. J. Balasagyna

Areas of interest:

inorganic chemistry, synthesis and study of the properties of metal-amide (amine) complex compounds possessing biological activity, environmental protection.


Rosa Sarimzakova

Professor, Head of Department of Organic Chemistry and OT

Areas of interest:

organic chemistry, structural modification of organic compounds with biological activity, environmental protection.